Brad J Decker C.P.A.

Salemís first Registered Certified Public Accountant (RCPA) Ė now licensed for audits and reviews!

Providing tax preparation and bookkeeping services since 1991 In Salem since 2005


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Online Privacy Policy


My privacy policy is simple:I do not collect any personal information on this web site, and do not give out any personal information.Period.However, I am required to specify my policy in detail:


  • Personal information I may collect online:Absolutely none.


  • How I use information I collect online:I donít collect any information on this web site.


  • How your information may be shared:It wonít be collected by me or shared with anyone.


  • Computer tracking and cookies:I do not use any tracking programs or cookies, and personally find them very annoying.


  • Problems or complaints with my privacy policy:You can call me at (618) 548-7773 or stop by my office to discuss your issues in person.


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Phone:(618) 548-7773

Fax:(618) 740-0293